The rainbow technology

3:21 p. m.

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With nothing to do with any gay movement (as far as I know), the rainbow technology is a method developed by Sainul Abideen (24 year old Indian engineering student) that lets you encode data into shapes and colours to print them in a sheet of paper.

You’ll be thinking by now: You’re a nerd! Why is that so interesting? Well, just think about that... you’ll be able to encode 256GB of information in an A4 paper, that’s more than 54 DVDs in a recyclable support... isn’t that amazing?!

Of course we won’t be carrying around A4 paper sheets (that was just an example) but the possible application is including a small scanner in our computers and use “Rainbow Cards” a SIM sized card with 5GB of storage capacity.

These Rainbow cards will be way cheaper to produce than a CD or DVD, and they would be biodegradable and recyclable so we’d get rid of a huge amount of e-waste.

So think about it… low cost biodegradable storage devices… a dream come true!

Unfortunately, I think we will have to wait many years until we get this technology in our computers, so we’ll have to be patient!!

5 Responses to " The rainbow technology "

MaRiNa said :
8:13 p. m.
qestes coses desde que les inventen fins qe arriben al mercat...
carai am el noi, 24 anyets i ja inventat tot axo!
stem actius, eh??
David said :
8:17 p. m.
Si Marina, aquest és un bon partit... tan jovenet i segur que es fa ric... xD
Alepsi said :
9:29 p. m.
El mateix he pensat jo! Amb 24 anys i ja té el futur assegurat, probablement.... mira, de les coses que s'entera una navegant pels blocs, eh? xDDD
Candela said :
1:32 p. m.
Hoooola!! per un moment he pensat que estava tot el bloc en anglès! ja anava a marxar per on havia vingut (sé però poquet poquet)

Un petó!
MaRiNa said :
3:23 p. m.
sisi un bon partit! pro jo no en trobo d'aqests.
Jo com l'alepsi, el primer q e pensat a sigut axo: q jove ! i ja a fet coses importants!

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