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Hey, have you ever heard that name before? Well If you haven’t already you will pretty soon.

Joost is still a Beta program, which means that’s still on a development/testing stage. But I’ve been able to try it recently and it really rocks!

Basically, it mixes quality TV contents with all the Internet advantages.

By quality TV contents I mean real TV shows, that is video clips, series, documentaries and entertainment programs. There’s a huge catalogue with the featured content so you can pick the programs you like and watch them whenever you want.

And by Internet advantages I mean that you can chat with other users that are watching the same channel as you, as well as chat with your friends on GoogleTalk and Jabber in a translucid chat windows that lets you watch the program on full screen mode while using the chat features.

You can also read news feeds and rate the channel contents with stars, so other users can know whether you liked them or not.

I’m using Joost with a P4 3’2Ghz and a GeForce FX5700 (that’s 256MB) with a pretty bad broadband connection, just 1Mb. I think that’s an average/low computer and Joost still works great here. Good audio and video quality with no cuts. I watch full size videos here even faster than on YouTube!

So if you wanna try Joost just visit this website, where TechCrunch is giving away 10,000 invitations and GigaOM is giving away even more here so PLEASE don’t flood my blog asking for invitations! ;)

Things against Joost: I can't fins Ronaldinho's or Messi's goals in the Soccer Channel! c'mon guys! you have Rivando, Ronaldo and Zidanne!

Well, just kidding of course! so far, all the content I've seen is pretty cool, I specially like the BugEye Channel, and the MTV one, I really like punk'd!!

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Mikel said :
7:10 p. m.
perque despres diguin que en aixo de l´interné ja esta tot inventat JUAS
Unknown said :
10:39 p. m.
mikel: sempre hi haurà coses per inventar!
Anónimo said :
1:52 a. m.
Això dels no cuts m'interessa :)
MaRiNa said :
1:12 p. m.
per fi me le llegit.. feia una mandra que no vegis!

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