Plutón y sus traumas

4:07 p. m.

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Como es verano tengo que reconocer que he estado poco pendiente de las noticias ultimamente, y hoy, de repente, me entero de que nos han quitado un planeta.

Sí, me refiero a Plutón, a ese planeta chiquitito en el dibujo, el último de la lista, pero no por ello menos querido... a mi nadie me ha pedido permiso para quitarlo! ahora cómo cantarán los niños los planetas del sistema solar? porque a mi la cancioncita que me aprendí ya no me sirve...

Yo creo que se trata de discriminacion interplanetaria... si os fijais se han cargado al "rival más débil" ¿cómo se va a quejar estando tan lejos y siendo tan poquita cosa?

Y lo peor es que no lo han quitado porque no sea del Sistema Solar, sino porque es un "planeta enano"... ¡vaya nombre! me suena a algo que se diría en el patio del recreo. Va el grandllón de Júpiter (es el abusón del Sistema Solar) y dice: "Plutón es un planeta enanooooo". Y ya ves a todos los demás planetas riendo, y Plutón llorando en un rincón. A este paso el niño va a tener que ir al psicólogo de Planetas (?)

Bueno, pues yo lo encuentro una injusticia, y desde éste humilde blog pido la reincorporación de Plutón al Sistema Solar, no lo vamos a dejar de lado solo por ser chiquitito! ya crecerá! le daremos petit suisse y de aqui unos años ya veréis más grande que Pau Gasol!

Reaching out a better tomorrow?

12:44 a. m.

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Ok... so I haven't updated in a while... well first of all... yeah, Megan finally got home just after my last post, I'm sorry for you guys who were waiting for my update to figure out if she made it or not, and you couldnt sleep and you were anxious all day because of me... well, no I'm not sorry... you deserved it! don't you have your own life? leave Megan alone!

Anyway, today I'm gonna write you about what has been keeping me busy this last days... Well, there is this company called The Hanso Foundation (THF), that's doing some cool scientific research to “Reach Out to a Better Tomorrow.”

I was interested on the stuff they were working on until this girl, Rachel Blake, hacked their website and started telling averyone the truth... THF is lying to us, they have secrets, theirs experiments have killed lots of people and they're hiding everyting... they are into a project called the DHARMA initiative and they're on something called the "Spider Protocol" that we don't really know what's it abput yet...

In addition, it seems that THF has some relation with the TV show LOST... they talk about them in the show, and it's looks like they're trying to promote their activities or something... we don't really know, but there's something wrong there, just see what happened when Rachel tried to blame them in the last Comic Con (video).. It's clear they're hiding something from us!

So... If you wanna help us to take down The Hanso Foundation and find out the truth just join us at

About my summer: I've been to Galicia, then after the "Megan adventure" I went to the Netherlands and now I'm heading to the Costa Brava for a week... few time and lots of plans! I love that!

So I'll be gone for a week or so... till then, enjoy your holidays! and write some comments you lazy bums!

The Terminal (or americans trapped in Barcelona): PART 2

11:49 p. m.

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So here we go again... I knwo many people is following my friend's adventure, so I'll keep you up to date!

Where were we... oh yeah, tuesday...

Tuesday 1st the end of it all?:
Nope, not the end, I told you, she didn't make it.... But she got some new friends at the airport, so Megan came home with 3 americans that stayed at her place, very nice people :)

Wednesday 2nd, Waiting sucks:
Well, So Megan and her new friends went back to the airport, I met them there, the line was empty, very few people! we all were so happy, finally they were leaving!! they did the check-in and I said goodbye to them... "I'll miss you!!".
Oh no, wait, hold on, It's 1:30 and my cellphone rings... Megan comes back, this time with 6 friends... so we're gonna call Megan's place Meg's hostel!

Thursday 3rd, Desperate travellers:
Today I didnt go to the airport, there was plenty of people to go with Megan, so I went to the beach, it's sunny and nice in Barcelona. At 1:30 I try to call Megan's cellphone, if it's off, she's got on the atlanta flight, so I call and I hear a nice tone... bad luck again. I go to Meg's hostel to see Meg and my new friends, and she tells me she bought a regular ticket for the Atlanta flight for tomorrow... so the waiting is over, tomorrow Megan is flying! That makes me happy and sad. I'm happy cuz she's finally leaving, hes suffering is over, but it's sad her last days in Barcelona have been this way, and it's sad she had to but a ticket, it's so expensive...
The other people that were staying at Meg's hostel are done with BCN too, if they don't get on the NY flight tomorrow, they'll fly to Belgium and try to fly from there... GOOD LUCK GUYS!!


I hope that's the end of Megan's adventures, at least, for now, I'm gonna finish them here... tomorrow I'm going to the Netherlands for a trip, if there are any news about Megan I'll tell you when I'm back, and if I get stuck in a foreign country wish me luck, I'll need it.

The Terminal (or Megan's amazing adventures): PART 1

9:42 a. m.

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Well, I feel like Tom Hanks, I'm living in the A terminal, in el Prat airport, Barcelona, the last 5 days I've spent there more hours there than at home! that's the story of my friend Megan, and her BIG troubles to get on a plane...

All began fiday 28th:
I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning to go with my friend Kelly to the airport. she got in the plane, the only remarkable incident it's about an airport employee yelling at a costumer (but that seems to be common in spain). At 9 o'clock in the morning, the IBERIA workers decided to go on strike. they stopped working and invaded the airport so all the flght to and from Barcelona were cancelled on friday. That was an ilegal strike, no one knew about it, so thousands of people got stuck trying to fly.

The adventure starts Saturday 29th:
Here it comes the story of my friend Megan. She has an stand-by ticket with Delta (that means she doesnt have a seat, but she can use an empty seat of any of the Delta flight to the States). Well there are 2 Delta flights to the states every day, one to NY and another to Atlanta, so she suposes she won't have much trouble.
Well, when we got to the airport everything was a big chaos. The passengers from friday were still trying to fly home, but there were also new passengers from saturday. In addition to that there were no waiting lines, the workers at the airport didnt think about that, so all the airport was like a rugby melee of people with big suitcases trying to reack their check-in points. Just imagine an airport full on hot, tired, angry people having to deal with mean employees... There were so many people trying to check-in that the luggage belt was full, and they started stacking suitcases arround... the result: 60.000 suitcases were lost on friday.
Well, after 5 hours fighting we got to the Delta desk. The woman working there didnt even give Megan a chance, she just said they didnt deal with stand-by tickets and kicked us out of the "line".

Sunday we just gave up trying to go to the airport...

Our trip continues on monday 31st:
We got to the airport really early and waited in line for the Atlanta flight. Megan asked at the ticket office about her stand-by ticket and they told her to wait in line, after waiting and waitin a girl from Delta came to us and told us that the ticket sales girl was wrong, they weren't borading in any stand-by passenger on tuesday, no way. So we were kicked out of the line again. We went home, and at night after calling the atlanta airport Megan found out that the flight she wanted to take left to atlanta with empty seats, but at the airport they didnt even give her the chance to wait...
In addition to our adventure, I had some other friends that were flying to Luthon (england) and once they were on the plane they had to stop the take off and turn arround, there was a crazy woman on board and the guardia civil had to take her out... unbelievable!!

Tuesday 1st, the end if it all?:
Today we waited all the line to the check-in (again) and she got her passport checked, put her luggage on the belt and everything, but then the guy at the desk said something was wrong that she had to go to the ticket sales.
We went to the ticket sales, and the woman there made a call, she said that she needed a 2 digit code that the person who gave her the buddy pass had to activate on internet or something.
Then Megan called her mom, called her friend that gave her the pass, and they couldnt solve anything. Finally, after calling Delta in Atlanta and talking to them for about half an hour she discovered that her ticket had expired, but they got her a new one.
We went back to the check-in desk (no waiting in line this time) and che finally checked in, she went through security and so, and now she's waiting for the Atlanta flight to leave. I haven't heard about her anymore so I guess she's flying right now...

Wait, no, she didn't so the adventure will continue tomorrow, so I'll keep writing this incredible story soon, I hope that tomorrow if everyting is over... so wish a nice trip to Megan!!!

(You may not know Megan, but I thought it might be interesting for you to know what are many people having to go through in Barcelona this days... I'm so sorry for them all! Barcelona is still a nice place and we love you all! come back please!!)