"The truth" about Da Vinci Code

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The truth is that I'm tired of watching TV shows, movies, documentarys, and supposed "experts" telling us what's true and what's not in The Da Vinci Code. Let's see it that way, The Da Vinci Code is a FICTION novel, so, in general, we should think that everything there is invented for people's entertaintment.

It's true that there are some things that look historical, that might seem real, it's true that the locations exist, but that happens constantly in a lot of movies, in a lot of books, and thats doesn't mean that they're trying to cheat us making us think that what's happening there is real or that they are trying to confuse us mixing fiction and reality to mess everything up.

Have you seen King Kong? did you see the Empire State building there? do you believe in giant gorillas? If the answer to all of this questions is affirmative, then you should stop watching movies... you're messed up! But otherwise, if your answer to the last question was negative, you can read the book or watch the movie without any danger.

There's not much more left to tell, I thing the whole matter is really simple, I don't see the controversy anywhere, and I just think that some people that read Dan Brown's novel wanted to make some money with it, writing other books and guides and directing documentaries... because in most of the cases the final explanation for everything is the same: money.

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MaRiNa said :
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l'has clavat am l'exemple dl king kong

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