Damien's curse

4:09 p. m.

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The end is near. I know you think you're safe because you survived to he 06-06-06 day (some people predicted that this day the world would end) but you dont know one thing that happened during the "devil day"... I read in the ADN newspaper (translation for the non-spanish speakers):

"A british woman gives bitrh to a baby at 6 hours of the 6/6/2006 and calls him Damien.
The mother, a fan of horror movies, is really happy with the boy, that was 6lbs and 6 ounces of weight"

Wow... that's incredible! Damien is back! I bet no one will bother the kid at school... now he's a cute baby, but imagine when Damien is 6 or 7 years old... wearing a black jacket and a black cap... he won't be so cute! he'll be scary!

If I was Damien I would take advantage of that, I would be a weird solitary guy, just to scare people staring at them, and make them give me what I want! I would do that at school with other kids and teachers, I'd make them give me their breakfast or give me good marks, and further on my life with my boss. I would work in an office, sit in my chair, and scare anyone who tried to approach me so I wouldn't have to do anything.

Well, but that's me, I always get the bad side of things... you're lucky I don't have super powers or I would be a supervillian and rule the world! I'm sure Damien will be a cute little boy and he won't harm anyone... or maybe I'm wrong?

I'd just be cautious and don't approach any suspicious kid...

PS: Two days wothout complaining... I should start thinking about something that pisses me off...

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MaRiNa said :
6:47 p. m.
qestes coses d diables, numeros i profecies em patinen bastant. x passar un vespre mirant la peli am les fosqes i poc mes. Crec q es mes mala llet x part d la mare q no pas altra cosa: q li costava ficarli un altre nom?

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