The Terminal (or americans trapped in Barcelona): PART 2

11:49 p. m.

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So here we go again... I knwo many people is following my friend's adventure, so I'll keep you up to date!

Where were we... oh yeah, tuesday...

Tuesday 1st the end of it all?:
Nope, not the end, I told you, she didn't make it.... But she got some new friends at the airport, so Megan came home with 3 americans that stayed at her place, very nice people :)

Wednesday 2nd, Waiting sucks:
Well, So Megan and her new friends went back to the airport, I met them there, the line was empty, very few people! we all were so happy, finally they were leaving!! they did the check-in and I said goodbye to them... "I'll miss you!!".
Oh no, wait, hold on, It's 1:30 and my cellphone rings... Megan comes back, this time with 6 friends... so we're gonna call Megan's place Meg's hostel!

Thursday 3rd, Desperate travellers:
Today I didnt go to the airport, there was plenty of people to go with Megan, so I went to the beach, it's sunny and nice in Barcelona. At 1:30 I try to call Megan's cellphone, if it's off, she's got on the atlanta flight, so I call and I hear a nice tone... bad luck again. I go to Meg's hostel to see Meg and my new friends, and she tells me she bought a regular ticket for the Atlanta flight for tomorrow... so the waiting is over, tomorrow Megan is flying! That makes me happy and sad. I'm happy cuz she's finally leaving, hes suffering is over, but it's sad her last days in Barcelona have been this way, and it's sad she had to but a ticket, it's so expensive...
The other people that were staying at Meg's hostel are done with BCN too, if they don't get on the NY flight tomorrow, they'll fly to Belgium and try to fly from there... GOOD LUCK GUYS!!


I hope that's the end of Megan's adventures, at least, for now, I'm gonna finish them here... tomorrow I'm going to the Netherlands for a trip, if there are any news about Megan I'll tell you when I'm back, and if I get stuck in a foreign country wish me luck, I'll need it.

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