Reaching out a better tomorrow?

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Ok... so I haven't updated in a while... well first of all... yeah, Megan finally got home just after my last post, I'm sorry for you guys who were waiting for my update to figure out if she made it or not, and you couldnt sleep and you were anxious all day because of me... well, no I'm not sorry... you deserved it! don't you have your own life? leave Megan alone!

Anyway, today I'm gonna write you about what has been keeping me busy this last days... Well, there is this company called The Hanso Foundation (THF), that's doing some cool scientific research to “Reach Out to a Better Tomorrow.”

I was interested on the stuff they were working on until this girl, Rachel Blake, hacked their website and started telling averyone the truth... THF is lying to us, they have secrets, theirs experiments have killed lots of people and they're hiding everyting... they are into a project called the DHARMA initiative and they're on something called the "Spider Protocol" that we don't really know what's it abput yet...

In addition, it seems that THF has some relation with the TV show LOST... they talk about them in the show, and it's looks like they're trying to promote their activities or something... we don't really know, but there's something wrong there, just see what happened when Rachel tried to blame them in the last Comic Con (video).. It's clear they're hiding something from us!

So... If you wanna help us to take down The Hanso Foundation and find out the truth just join us at

About my summer: I've been to Galicia, then after the "Megan adventure" I went to the Netherlands and now I'm heading to the Costa Brava for a week... few time and lots of plans! I love that!

So I'll be gone for a week or so... till then, enjoy your holidays! and write some comments you lazy bums!

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MaRiNa said :
7:21 p. m.
q xarres?? axo mu auras dexplicar ...
jo men vai a carcassonne!!

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