The little differences

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"It's the little differences. I mean they got the same shit over there that they got here, but it's just - it's just there it's a little different. - Vincent (Pulp Fiction)"

That's one of my favorite movie quotes and I think it's suitable for my trip to The States. It's about having that feeling all the time, everything it’s the same, but a little different. Here are some examples:

Straws: They drink everything with a straw, even water many times, and not only in fast food restaurants but anywhere.

Cups: It’s kind of hard to get glass cups… you’ll normally get plastic or paper cups in many places, glass is just for really fancy restaurants.

Free refills: That’s a great idea… c’mon Spanish bartenders, why don’t you copy that? And free water too!!

Beer: In many place they won't ser beer or any other alcoholic drinks... well I think that beer + free refills would be a dangerous combination...

Bills: When you’re in a bar or restaurant you’ll get the bill facing down, I think that’s useful in case you want to invite the other person, good idea.

Tips: You have to tip in the States… I hate that, I don’t like to tip, I want the tip included in the price, and I don’t like to think how much tip I have to leave or anything.

Fans: People have ceiling fans at their places, we don’t, we have air conditioning, and if we don’t we use a fan that stands up in a pole.

Shops: Some friend told me that people who work in Spanish shops are mean, and now I understand why. In the states they will start chasing you as soon as you enter the shop, “Hello, how are you doing? Oh, I LOVE that shirt where did you get it?”… I just HATE that, I just prefer the way they’re here, thy just won’t talk to you unless you say something to the first… that’s the way!

Water towers: we just don’t have that things, and if we do I haven’t seen them

Cars: HUGE cars or pickups… especially in small towns, it’s really normal to see Hummers around, in Spain you rarely see this kind of cars.

I guess the list could be longer but these are the first things I could think of, so the ones that most shocked to me.

I would like to some American who’s been living in Spain to do the same kind of list but in the opposite way, I think that would be interesting, if you do it, just let me know and I’ll post it here! ;)

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Anónimo said :
10:26 p. m.
David, you're so right, you don't realize there are differences till you travel really far. And the things that you point out are things that I have missed tremendously (Except the water towers, we don't have those in western Canada). If it makes you feel better, I will soon compile a list of things that I have noticed about Spain.
MaRiNa said :
12:50 p. m.
Jo no t'en puc dir d diferencies perque no hi he estat mai. Però els petits detalls són el que més m'agraden dels viatges, coses que fins que no les veus no se t'aguessin acudit mai.

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