Old-fashioned language?

3:41 p. m.

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I read on the Washington Post about the marriage between Katie Holmes (I just discovered she was born on December 18th like me… funny!) and Tom Cruise, and about Scientology.

They can choose between 5 different kinds of wedding, that go from the “Traditional” to the “Double Ring” one... well the article talks about Scientology weddings but the part that got my attention is this one:

In the old-fashioned language that marks the Traditional version, the groom is reminded that "girls" need "clothes and food and tender happiness and frills, a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat" -- and is asked to provide them all. The bride, in turn, is told that "young men are free and may forget" their promises.

Even it’s a tradition or it’s “old-fashioned language” that’s WRONG, you can’t say that, it’s sooo sexist! And I’m not talking about being politically correct, I think it’s a moral thing, saying things like those make me think about the medieval times!

Try dating a girl for a while, and then giving her a pan as a gift. You’ll see what I’m talking about, I think that anyone with a little bit of self-respect, or respect for the opposite sex shouldn’t agree with a ceremony that supports that kind of attitude.

Anyway, we all know that Tom Cruise is a weird guy, but think about all those “thousands” of Scientology followers that the article talks about… I just hope not many people choose the "traditional" ceremony!

5 Responses to " Old-fashioned language? "

MaRiNa said :
4:08 p. m.
mes o menys el q et passaria es q et fotrien la paella pel cap! i segur q fa mal..
Unknown said :
4:19 p. m.
i una pinta? si us regalen una pinta que passa? :O I si la noia te el cabell curt? o rastes? que passa amb lo de la pinta?? ara estic intrigat!!!
MaRiNa said :
8:12 p. m.
a mi em regales una pinta.. i sen va directe al calaix.. si la fes servir semblaria el rey leon!
encara q posats a regalar.. i a moltes mes coses inutils
MaRiNa said :
8:13 p. m.
volia dir inutils o de mal regalar (perqe fa lleig senten)

e apretat massa rapid el botonet de "Login and publish"
Mikel said :
5:34 p. m.
LA gent esta molt pillada , els millonaris encara mes i els millonaris que estan a sectes encara mes!!!

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