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I guess many Spaniards who read this won’t even know that today it’s Thanksgiving Day. That’s fine because we don’t celebrate it here but I wanted to write something about thanksgiving anyway.

Even it’s a Christian tradition about giving thanks to God about all we have I think this is a celebration anyone (believer or not) can understand.

Just think for a moment about all you have, all your family, friends and possessions and see how lucky you are, and now think about all the people who are not as lucky as you… think about homeless people, people in poor countries, people in countries in war, or maybe just people around you… maybe they don’t have all the stuff we do, and even that I’m sure they’re still thankful for the few things we haven’t taken away from them yet.

So next time you hear about thanksgiving don’t think it’s just the “Eating turkey day” (even they eat turkey, and it’s yummy… I’m hungry!) Think it’s the “wow, I have lots of awesome things and others don’t, let’s help them!” day. I know the second name is not as short or as easy to remember but reflects better what that day should be.

I've decided to stop writing on my xanga, so all my new posts will only be posted on blogger, you can enter to it through or, everyone is free to comment there, you don't have to be a member, so I hope all my xanga readers will follow me there... thanks!!

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Anónimo said :
1:20 p. m.
Good move on the blogger only. I will never join xanga or my space, it's way to closed. As for thanksgiving, it's a great holiday that is way to commercialized back home. I give thanks, but not necessarily on that particular day.
Unknown said :
1:24 p. m.
yeah, well, I tried to give the non-commercialized idea of the holiday to people... the same happens with crhistmas tough.
MaRiNa said :
10:39 p. m.
tens rao, jo ni m'havia enterat d q era avui! tb crec q no es necessari un dia per a donar gracies, sino q cada dia pot ser-ho.
uoooo tu i en jonas a la foto!
Alepsi said :
12:28 a. m.
Jo tampoc sabia que era avui! Quina gràcia, tu. Bé, de fet ja podem dir que tècnicament va ser ahir... així que bé... gràcies a qui les hagi de rebre per tenir tot el que tinc... i... bé, intento ajudar en la mesura del possible (sí, ja sé que és poc...).
M'ha agradat molt, el post...
Unknown said :
12:47 p. m.
gràcies! ;P sort que estic jo aquí per informar-vos!

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