Ninja Day

1:50 a. m.

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Since I’ll be away for some day (we have a “puente” this week in Spain) I’ll post something for my non-puente English-speaker readers.

Today, December 5th is the Day of the Ninja. You can learn the original legend of the oringin of the celebration and how the non-ninjas (or nonjas) got to celebrate the ninja day, and become a polite assassin for a day (I mean, once a year, you know)… well ask a ninja tells the story.

And you know… watch out if you’re wearing ninja masks near any liquor store or gas stations or you’ll have to use your ninja-running skills!

I look forward killing you soon!! Happy ninja day!!

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Alepsi said :
3:18 p. m.
Què fort! He viscut més de 20 anys enganyada!!!! Què fort! Jo em pensava que avui tenia festa perquè era la "Consti" i veig que no... què fort!!! xDDDDDDDD
[Gaudeix el pont!!! ;)]

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