Mooninites taking over Boston

6:14 p. m.

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Well, I guess by now everyone know about "the Boston incident", but just in case you don't there's a summary:

During January 31st adultswim started a campaign to promote the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. The campaign consisted on putting all around boston some magnetic devices with colour LEDS displaying the Mooninites Ignignokt and Err showing their middle fingers on them.

Well, some people thought that those weird "devices" could be bombs... and well, you've seen it in the news, police shut down all Boston beacuse they thought it could be a terrorist attack.

I just can't understad how no one realized that those artifacts were not bombs, I guess that when someone panics it just becomes contagious really fast.

Now I leave you with the Mooninites:

3 Responses to " Mooninites taking over Boston "

MaRiNa said :
10:04 a. m.
quan sesten la paranoia.. la cosa mes simple es multiplica i deforma.
tinc entes que els nois aquests els estan fent un judici.. jajaj tb es mala sort
Anónimo said :
11:45 a. m.
Estan/estem tots emparanoiats, però clar, amb això de la seguretat qualsevol se la juga.
yrun said :
8:03 p. m.
No he entés una merda però els marcianitos de la lluna m'han molat un mun aixi pixelats! xD

Bueno adèu Az, piro dels blocs!

(intentare apendre anglès amb el temps lliure k tindre ara! xD)

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