No pants day!

12:08 a. m.

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We’re on this time of the year where the decision between long pants and short pants makes our mornings really annoying… and some guys just found the solution inventing the no pants day!

Actually, the weather is not the real explanation for the no pants day, it's something a little bit deeper... It consists on leaving behind your pants for a day, and showing the world your beautiful underwear, relax a little bit and take life less seriously.

So this Friday, May 4th, I encourage everyone to go to class, to the office, to your grandma’s house or wherever you have to go without pants. Take pictures, make banners, sing songs, and spread the word!

You can check the official events on the website.

Some people say this is a stupid holiday, some people say it's the most important day of the year.... I leave it to your own judgement!

And remember: “the first Friday in May is always no pants day!

12 Responses to " No pants day! "

tzesire said :
1:32 a. m.
estoy deseando verte sin pantalones este viernes en la fiesta de informática. además, seguro que al mediodía comes de todas las paellas y la zona de malabares estará especialmente concurrida...
Candela said :
7:17 p. m.
¿el día de la falda?
No entiendo el post...

Vale, vale, tampoco lo he intentado demasiado...
Anónimo said :
7:50 p. m.
Et vull veure a la FestaFIB sense pantalons! Por listo!! xDDDD
Anónimo said :
8:36 p. m.
Hola! un bloc realment interessant.Tornaré a visitar-te.
Ens veiem ;0)
Unknown said :
10:34 a. m.
tzesire: si lio a marc, franky & co no habrá ningún problema :P

candela: el dia de la falda noooo, el dia internacional sense pantalons, pro portar faldilla no val! està prohibit expressament... consisteix en sortir en calces/calçotets al carrer, per riure'ns una mica de la vida

cacique: vale! pro tu també tels has de treure!

robert: perfecte, moltes gràcies! ;)
11:39 a. m.
I have to see that! Candela had a good idea, skirts for girls,and that's it. I'm sorry boys but I'm sure your underwear are very sexy. ;) (anyway today is not a very hot day)
Unknown said :
11:59 a. m.
dejà vie: que anar amb faldilla no val... ja ho he dit abans! Mira, copio de la FAQ de la web:

So I can wear a skirt instead? or “Hey, no problem, I was gonna wear a dress anyways!”
You’re very clever, but you’re missing the point. Articles of clothing like skirts, shorts, kilts, and dresses don’t count, because people are encouraged to revel in the absence of pants, and not replace pants with other clothing. The point is to relax and enjoy the humor inherent in people not wearing pants. A good rule of thumb is to pretend like you were going to wear pants, and then just fail to put them on.That being said, it’s a holiday. No one owns it… not even us. Wear whatever you want. Throw a kilt party. Be the Santa Claus to our Nativity. Be our guest.
Adagio said :
4:34 p. m.
bua k xungu això dels pantalons xD, a veure si fan tb el dia de la no roba interior
Anónimo said :
4:00 a. m.
He arribat tard! Com va anar la festa i el dia sense pantalons?
MaRiNa said :
12:39 p. m.
so it was skirt day???

i really wanted to see you without pants on the street! XD

I'm back!
Mikel said :
7:35 a. m.
Quina gent mes rara....juaussaujsaujuas
Unknown said :
6:24 a. m.
That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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