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As Ashley requested I'm gonna write a list of things I DO LIKE... I think it was easier to get the things that freak me out... I like many things but it's hard to pick the top 5... let's try!! haaaa too hard!! I need concentration...

  • Hugs! I like hugs, I'm like a teddy bear...well no, I'm not but I like hugs anyway!!

  • Music: I'm listening to my music all day long, I don't think I could live without it... you know I need the listen to bleed american once a week at least eh Kel? I love my iPod, my iTunes and goingo to rock concerts!!

  • Beer & Chocolate are fighting to see which one gets the 3rd place... I like'em both, well, separately... but last week I found a bottle of "chocolate beer" at xocoa... should I try it? the temptation comes to me..

  • Futbol & Donner: Yep, these 2 go together, I can't imagine one without the other... Donner is the official food to see Barça games...

  • Settlers!! Yeah... I don't forget the best board game EVER!! I need to play it soon soooo badly!! I think I'm gonna play online... I'll be gone for a while!!

Well, and this is my list... I'm sure that as soon I submit this I'll think about something better taht should be there, but that's OK, I wont change it... so if you need any ideas for presents... this list might be useful, keep it!!

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