Beach or mountain?

4:44 p. m.

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Well that's the question that millions of people are asking to themselves right now. Summer holidays are approaching and you have to decide where do you want to go, where do you want to spend the money you've been earning during the year.

Some years ago, when I was a kid, the only option was going to the beach... well you can call it beach, but actually, it was a huge extension of people, lying on their towels, placed on the floor one next to the other like in a tetris game, where you had to find a free spot, "conquer" it with your umbrella, and spend the day there, because moving could mean loosing your spot.

Well, now there are other options, the "mountain" ones, that consist on going to some quiet little town ad rent a house there... the problem is that the quiet little town, that has a 100 people population during the year, during august has a 1000 people population, and its crowded with tourists like you... so the quietness is over!!

And by saying that I'm saying that the question "beach or mountain?" It's not a big deal, it will be crowded anyway, so once you've decided to be a tourist you have to assume that and not worry about it. Being a tourist means:
  • Be constantly surrounded by a crowd of tourists like you.

  • Sleep in noisy places. That means, getting no sleep.

  • Wait incredibly long lines to visit any museum.

  • Pay 5€ to drink a coke in some cafe near the center of somewhere. Than means, beaing cheated because you're a tourist.

  • Take pictures of EVERYTHING. (See addiction to digital cameras)

  • Wear a mexican sombrero if you come to barcelona.

  • And, of course, wear socks and flip flops (specially if you're german).
So if you wanna go somewhere this holidays, you have to be disposed to that, otherwise, if you're looking for relax and quietness, just stay in your city, nobody will be there.

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MaRiNa said :
7:51 p. m.
each summer i do both things. the secret is going on holidays on september, everything is cheaper and most of ppl have returned home.

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