The real truth about Toadzilla

11:23 a. m.

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Once upon a time in Australia, a group of scientists ran into a giant toad. It weighted about two pounds and it was sooo big that they called him Toadzilla.

The scientists just made up a silly explanation for his existence. They said that someone imported cane toads from Hawaii to Australia to fight the giant beetles in a giant-animal war. But now there’s overpopulation of cane toads, and they are poisoning snakes and crocodiles when they try to eat them...

Of course we all know that’s NOT the real explanation. In fact, Toadzilla was a prince of a far far away country, who tried to fight an evil witch that was eating all the little children in town. During the fight, the evil witch cast a spell on the prince and turned him into a giant toad...

He had to escape to Australia because some guys tried to capture him to be part of a circus show, and when he arrived there he joined the toad rebellion against the giant beetles. Now he’s been captured and I don’t think Australian scientists will ever discover who he rally is....

So my advice to the Australian scientists is: try to kiss the poisonous toad! You’ll find out that he’s a prince... or you’ll find out he’s really poisonous... either way you’ll find out something! That’s why you are scientists, to find out stuff, isn’t it?

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Marina said :
5:10 p. m.
Si clar! es l'explicació més lògica!
fes-li tu el petonet de part meva ;)
Unknown said :
11:50 p. m.
si clar... l'únic petit detall es que si resulta que és un princep jo no el vull pas per a res! així que li fas tu el petó! :P
MaRiNa said :
8:51 p. m.
un princep porta massa problemes...

si fos un no-princep encara mi pensaria de fer-li un petonet XD
11:24 a. m.
Prefereixo les granotes i els gripaus... d'ells sempre saps què en pots esperar, en canvi un príncep no deus saber mai per on et sortirà :p

El petonet per a tu AzRi3L!!!

Bon cap de setmana!!!
jo sóc més de fer llepades que petons (sobretot si són gripaus al·lucinogens)... xDDDDD

'al·lucina, vecina!"
Unknown said :
3:51 p. m.
metamorfosi: si si clar, ara que el princep ja no està solter totes dieu el mateix, pro abaaaans! :P

grass shopper: lo dels gripaus alucinogens m'ho esperava més de l'emma, pro bé ja veig que a tu tb et van aquestes coses! :P

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