5:21 p. m.

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For the first time in the history ever… here goes a SHORT ENTRY!

You don’t know how much are you attached to something till you loose it… I didn’t know I used my digital camera THAT much, but it broke (by itself, I didn’t do anything) a couple of weeks ago, and now that I don’t have it I realize how much I used it… I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES!! HELP!!

The way my camera broke... just remembered me about the Strongbad's technology email

PS: It's not my birthday but a new digital camera would be a great present... so feel free to buy me one, I'm always open to presents!

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MaRiNa said :
3:29 p. m.
Ja l'has portada a arreglar?? costa mes que una nova??
jo una camara.. casi q no te la compro.. ja fare fotos jo !

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