Ban on hugging

12:48 a. m.

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I read on The Sun: "A SCHOOL headmaster was branded a killjoy yesterday after he ordered pupils to stop HUGGING each other."

The headmaster, Steven Kenning, says that "This is very serious not only for the victim but for anyone accused of acting inappropriately."

First of all I'd like to analyze the role of the victim of the hug... so are we considering a hug as an attack? That’s weird! I know that Spanish and British culture are different, and that here we have way more assumed the physical contact, but I think that's a bit too extremist... I can't understand how guys like this can be headmaster of a school.

In addition, he should know that if you ban something to a bunch of kids the only thing that will happen is that they’ll keep doing what you're banning, more often of course.

So I'm not worried about this kids stop hugging or anything, but I just think you can't ban affective signals between people, that's just WRONG, we need relation with others, we're "social animals", so we just NEED IT, it's part of us.

Anyway, as someone said to the newspaper reporters “I don’t see anything wrong with hugging — it’s better than fighting.” Still some sensible people around...

And if you are ever victim of a hug, just shove the other person away and fight him/her... fight is not banned!

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Mikel said :
8:26 a. m.
la clau esta en veure com la cultura Teletubbie afectara a les noves generacions!!!
MaRiNa said :
1:10 p. m.
cuidado q t'abraço!!!
MaRiNa said :
12:39 p. m.
cada cop q entro hi ha una imatge diferent.. ;P
Unknown said :
5:39 p. m.
Perque estic "millorant" la plantilla, com diria l'Aznar "estamos trabajando en ello"

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